I am 28 years old and live in the united states.


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  1. That is some serious dedication to your cervix! The majority of Americans would want the quick fix. I admire your hard work and comittment to a heathy cervix. Sounds like an intense process, so glad it worked for you. Thanks for sharing, I learned a ton.


  2. Hey, I’m glad to hear the escharotics worked for you! I just finished mine about a month ago and noticed that I’m getting watery discharge. I feel like my discharge hasn’t been normal since I started the treatments but not I can tell that it’s more watery since I stopped the treatments. I didn’t see where you talked about this here. Did you notice watery discharge after your treatments or did it go back to normal? Thanks!


    • Hi there, i remember all kinds of weird discharge came along with the procedure, including watery. After my treatments, i was also using suppositories nightly, which affected my discharge style too. I don’t remember exactly how long each kind of discharge lasted, or exactly how it was timed with my treatments though.

      How long has it been since your final procedure? I think i had to wait (at least) two months to heal up before i could get another colpo. So if it’s been less than two months i would assume you’re still healing and that the watery discharge is normal.

      Also what does your dr have to say about this watery discharge? Or who is helping you with your escharotic procedures, and why not ask them? I’m so curious about this!

      I hope your paps and colpos come back with no hpv! I’ve still been having good paps since, and recently had an iud inserted. Feeling so glad i kept my cervix intact!


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