Follow-up Colpo


Today i went to my MD gyno for a colposcopy, about 6 weeks after my last escharotic. She didn’t have much to say about how it looks on the surface, except that she did see some white tissue after the vinegar wash. She said this could indicate changing cells in an HPV way, or just in a regenerative (i.e. healthy) way. I expect the lab will be able to tell the difference.

With the colposcopy, she took two samples. One right up in/near the os, and one at 7 o’clock. I’m pretty sure the 7 o’clock spot is also where my naturopathic doctor was focusing much of the treatment she did as well. It was a stubborn spot and also kind of tucked away in my tissue.

After i got weighed, the nurse left me to sign my consent form and go wait in the lobby while she prepped the room. The consent form was for a LEEP! I couldn’t stop laughing, what if i wasn’t confident enough to speak up, and just went along with it? And that procedure is the exact one i’m trying to avoid!

In between steps today i was able to use a hand mirror and attempted to take photos but failed. Some of the chit-chat included me explaining the escharotic procedure, and them commenting that the LEEP seemed a lot easier because it just takes one day. I asked if cell phone photos were becoming more common in the clinic, and they said yes somewhat with prenatal stuff, but with gynecological stuff most clients don’t even want to know what’s going on down there. 😦 Quite a contrast.

I’ll know the results of the colpo in a week or two. Crossing fingers.

In the meantime i’m really badly breaking my prescribed diet, although my brain fog hasn’t been an issue for quite some time, since i decided to betray the fruit and carbohydrate limitations. I could be TOTALLY wrong that that is what caused it, but i am pretty sure the timing lines up.

Later skaters.


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