Trial and Error

This morning i am sneezing a lot, wondering why the fuck am i not stopping sneezing. Yesterday i deviated from my diet a bunch all at once – half a banana, tempeh, and popcorn! Three things i haven’t touched in months. Pretty sure that’s the origin of the sneezing. I had really bad sinus allergies as a kid, which over the years i decided were food-based. This experience fits into that theory.

I’m also pretty convinced it’s my folate supplement that gives me brain fog. I ran out about a week ago and i haven’t been feeling so pathetic. I also remember when i first started taking these supplements, i took them all right before work, and at work i was feeling super “zenned out.” Chill and loopy and silly. My Dr had mentioned the folate could be taken any time or spaced out (i think in case of headaches, but i don’t remember 100%), so i just started taking it twice a day instead of all at once. That definitely helped with the super zen, and now my theory is taking it twice a day contributed to the terrible brain fog. Picking up a new bottle today, and i’m going to play around with it, probably resorting to taking it all at once, just before bed. We’ll see.

I’m on my last week of thuja suppositories, then one day off and another week of healing suppositories. Then i’m DONE (for now, we’ll see about another round).


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