Just some notes

Eating meat bringing me out of brain fog is no joke. I’m still in a little fog after eating 1/4 lb of pasture-raised roast beef yesterday and the day before. But i almost couldn’t see, the fog was so thick. I also had a head cold, which made me even more foggy. Eating meat every day is a big step from my usual diet, so i’m going to hold out. Maybe the cold was the big problem. Even writing this tiny update entry is like “whaaat ammm i saaaayinngg…”

I deviated from my diet a little bit and suffered for it with a sinus cold. It passed easily after a few days of extra slow life. Only a mild fog remains. I was eating quinoa-pasta salad, more sweet potatoes than i should have, and a few bites of mac n cheese.

I’m still on suppositories 6 nights a week, but i don’t need to wear rags during the day because there’s barely any discharge. (!!!!!!)

REALLY looking forward to my colpo. Less than one month away!


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