Second follow-up gyno visit

At my last visit to my western medical gynocologist (whom i adore), i got a colposcopy and it came back completely free of HPV. That was February.

Yesterday i went back to my gyno and she did a pap and a scraping into my os, but said otherwise my cervix looks totally smooth and healthy. She opted to not do a colpo.

I will know the official results in two weeks.


(I mostly have stuck to my diet (most being more like 51% than 100%), and i have only been taking a few of my supplements. after my last colpo the regimented instructions became less of a priority.)

fuck you western medicine


Today my MD gyno called me. She said she had good news. She said there is “NO” sign of HPV in my most recent pap smear and colposcopy. She said i should get another pap/colpo in the summer so we can make sure its keeping itself at bay.

I’m still kind of in shock, this is not what i expected, and i am soooooooooo relieved. ahhhhh……. celebrations for days……………….

Follow-up Colpo


Today i went to my MD gyno for a colposcopy, about 6 weeks after my last escharotic. She didn’t have much to say about how it looks on the surface, except that she did see some white tissue after the vinegar wash. She said this could indicate changing cells in an HPV way, or just in a regenerative (i.e. healthy) way. I expect the lab will be able to tell the difference.

With the colposcopy, she took two samples. One right up in/near the os, and one at 7 o’clock. I’m pretty sure the 7 o’clock spot is also where my naturopathic doctor was focusing much of the treatment she did as well. It was a stubborn spot and also kind of tucked away in my tissue.

After i got weighed, the nurse left me to sign my consent form and go wait in the lobby while she prepped the room. The consent form was for a LEEP! I couldn’t stop laughing, what if i wasn’t confident enough to speak up, and just went along with it? And that procedure is the exact one i’m trying to avoid!

In between steps today i was able to use a hand mirror and attempted to take photos but failed. Some of the chit-chat included me explaining the escharotic procedure, and them commenting that the LEEP seemed a lot easier because it just takes one day. I asked if cell phone photos were becoming more common in the clinic, and they said yes somewhat with prenatal stuff, but with gynecological stuff most clients don’t even want to know what’s going on down there. 😦 Quite a contrast.

I’ll know the results of the colpo in a week or two. Crossing fingers.

In the meantime i’m really badly breaking my prescribed diet, although my brain fog hasn’t been an issue for quite some time, since i decided to betray the fruit and carbohydrate limitations. I could be TOTALLY wrong that that is what caused it, but i am pretty sure the timing lines up.

Later skaters.

The science behind the experiment

I was feeling suuuuuper manic the other morning, just pumped UP, maybe high metabolism from a long evening run the night before, or lack of alleged folate brain fog, or processing my exciting life. And then i realized i forgot to take all my supplements for a day and a half and i was like fuck i should stop trying to make theories. When i’m trying to say is you shouldn’t take any of my conclusions to my theories on here with much weight (as with any empirical experiment!). While there is some value to recording and witnessing the mental part of this process, it would perhaps be more honest for me to just stick to measuring discharge and noting suppositories (discharge has been sexy, and working through my thujas). Been taking my folate at night, seems ok so far… but what do i know! really!

Trial and Error

This morning i am sneezing a lot, wondering why the fuck am i not stopping sneezing. Yesterday i deviated from my diet a bunch all at once – half a banana, tempeh, and popcorn! Three things i haven’t touched in months. Pretty sure that’s the origin of the sneezing. I had really bad sinus allergies as a kid, which over the years i decided were food-based. This experience fits into that theory.

I’m also pretty convinced it’s my folate supplement that gives me brain fog. I ran out about a week ago and i haven’t been feeling so pathetic. I also remember when i first started taking these supplements, i took them all right before work, and at work i was feeling super “zenned out.” Chill and loopy and silly. My Dr had mentioned the folate could be taken any time or spaced out (i think in case of headaches, but i don’t remember 100%), so i just started taking it twice a day instead of all at once. That definitely helped with the super zen, and now my theory is taking it twice a day contributed to the terrible brain fog. Picking up a new bottle today, and i’m going to play around with it, probably resorting to taking it all at once, just before bed. We’ll see.

I’m on my last week of thuja suppositories, then one day off and another week of healing suppositories. Then i’m DONE (for now, we’ll see about another round).

Just some notes

Eating meat bringing me out of brain fog is no joke. I’m still in a little fog after eating 1/4 lb of pasture-raised roast beef yesterday and the day before. But i almost couldn’t see, the fog was so thick. I also had a head cold, which made me even more foggy. Eating meat every day is a big step from my usual diet, so i’m going to hold out. Maybe the cold was the big problem. Even writing this tiny update entry is like “whaaat ammm i saaaayinngg…”

I deviated from my diet a little bit and suffered for it with a sinus cold. It passed easily after a few days of extra slow life. Only a mild fog remains. I was eating quinoa-pasta salad, more sweet potatoes than i should have, and a few bites of mac n cheese.

I’m still on suppositories 6 nights a week, but i don’t need to wear rags during the day because there’s barely any discharge. (!!!!!!)

REALLY looking forward to my colpo. Less than one month away!

Brain brain go away come again another day

The past few days have been pretty hectic. This morning i woke up naturally, way pre-dawn (again) and in between reading and zoning out and napping i thought “wow, even in the past few super hectic days, i’ve been able to maintain all the details pretty well. i’ve forgotten only very minor tiny things which i can’t even remember right now. that’s not so bad. maybe my brain is working again!” I turned to my night stand to get a drink of water and saw my suppository sitting there, unwrapped, ready to be inserted last night. Damnit.

An anticlimactic finish

When i went in for escharotic #10, i felt like i was just stopping into the office, between a solemn house meeting conducted in the garden with our near-death cat sunning himself, out of quarantine, and a vet appointment to put said beloved cat down. That week i also dealt with quitting my job and all the lack of sleep and increased anxiety that come with that decision, and even found one of our chickens died suddenly. This was the first escharotic where i spent my bromelain wait texting on my phone (coordinating vet appointment) rather than breathing and meditating. (We decided to give the cat a steroid injection instead of death drugs. This morning he seems to be doing a lot better.) I was also in the middle of biking with two cases of printer paper in my bike cart, which was very very near impossible and VERY VERY VERY difficult and scary. My appointment was just barely up hill from the office store but thankfully my home is all downhill from there. Oh and i hadn’t eaten barely because of all the stress and go go go go. I learned two cases is too many.

As for the procedure, there was no pain at all (or none that registered through my fog of distraction) and my ND asked if i had shed another scab. I had not, and my discharge had just been yellow and thin/crusty (different than thin/watery – crusty dries as a crust). She said my cervix looked refreshed… or rejuvenated… or something. Anyway, it sounded like good news. Now i am on 6 healing suppositories, one day off, then 6 thuja suppositories, and one day off, etc. until i run out of suppositories, probably about a month.

Some diet stuff…

I had hoped to drink a little bit of beer to celebrate my final treatment. I did drink a little beer (about 4 ounces) but it was less excited celebration and more a ritual to acknowledge “fuck, life is hard.” Almost immediately my eyes got kind of runny and my sinuses felt irritated. I’ve been feeling more sensitive/”allergic” to beer over the last several months. This was the first day i ever understood why they even offer a half-pint of beer at a bar.

I had bought some organic cottage cheese for the cat because he wasn’t eating for a few days and someone at the vet office suggested it might help. He didn’t end up eating it, but i love cottage cheese so i cheated and ate about 2 tablespoons. The next morning i had debilitating stomach cramps and spent much of the morning lying on the floor, waiting them out. I’ve had weird digestive issues previously (a couple years ago i fainted off the toilet, and also went to the ER in the middle of the night with stomach pain, which subsided while we were still in the waiting room) so i wasn’t too worried. Just waiting for the indigestion to subside.

I tried to give the cottage cheese to a housemate but she had a similar problem – she had a little bit to test, and then had stomach problems later. I don’t think it was a bad batch of cottage cheese.

Time to reclaim my life.

The Home Stretch

(not everything used is pictured above, but i liked it all laid out on the wicker chair)

The discharge has turned to yellow-white-clear mucus, more like snot and less like milk. It’s all very similar. The substitute ND i had today called it pus which is accurate but my initial reaction was a little yucky. Has high pun potential.

I am dealing with big professional changes and a very sick cat right now. It’s nice to have other stressors in my life than my leaky vagina! My poor housemates have had to suffer through my insanity the past few days, from lack of sleep, and doing way too much on way too little food, and all in my state of needing to take it slooooowwww.

Odd things i discovered i had done after the fact: left my supplements in complete disarray, with no recollection of even taking any of them for a 24-hour period. Usually they are sorted based on the time of day and whether i’ve taken them yet or not. And i left a “snotty” vag rag next to the toilet seat for an entire day, where people usually put their hands. I had just taken it out of my pants and was going to put in in the laundry, and instead left it right there where people could easily accidentally brush up against it or land on it. Poor housemates… And i ate a half pound of roast beef in one day because i was sleeping and processing in a craze and couldn’t figure out real food.

Today was #9 out of 10!!! I’m back on my thuja suppositories since after #8. Today in my room i kept smelling thuja (or maybe the Vag Pack smell) so strong and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. There are too many potential places to look, so i just had to get over it.

The big bleed out that i had last week inspired me to dig up pictures of when i got a genital piercing at a fat gauge when i was 19 or 20 and bled SO MUCH. There’s pictures of my bloody ass hobbling to the bathroom from the piercing chair, and one of me standing over a messy bloody bathtub, in the process of cleaning the piercing at home. I haven’t seen these pictures in a number of years, so i was cracking up. Variations on a theme.